This is a reminder about Spring 2022 No Show Drop (NSD) due dates:  

  • April 11 – Standard 11 week classes and first 5 week intensive classes
  • May 16 – Second 5 week intensive classes

If a student does not attend or come to a mutual agreement with the instructor, by the start of the second class session (for online courses this means participating by Thursday of the first week of the term) they must be dropped by the instructor (per POL 4015 & PRO 4015– Class List and Registration). See the NSD Guidelines & Best Practices for additional information. 

If a faculty member does not process NSD’s within the appropriate timelines it may result in serious negative impacts to students’ financial aid or other outside sources of funding (e.g. scholarships), GPA, program standing, and student accounts.

The process to No Show Drop (NSD) a student from a course is entirely electronic and is handled from within My Chemeketa. See the instructions for performing a NSD, also located on the Enrollment Services SharePoint page.

Once the student is dropped, they will automatically receive an email informing them of the change to their schedule.  

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