We hope you are having a good winter term! We are writing to share information on how to make a referral for students you believe may be in crisis or experiencing distress, or are not meeting student conduct expectations. You are encouraged to report ALL concerns so that we can support students and maintain a positive learning environment. We’ve also included Title IX information, Public Safety tips and information regarding Chemeketa’s Care and Threat Assessment Teams.


Student Concern Referral/Reporting Form

The Student Concern Referral/Reporting Form is available for staff and faculty who have a concern about a student.   If you are concerned about a student who may need assistance or believe a student has violated the student code of conduct, you can submit the Student Concern Referral/Reporting Form, which is automatically routed to the Student Affairs office.  The link to the form is also located on the Faculty page on MyChemeketa.  For questions about the Code of Conduct, please visit the Student Rights and Responsibilities page on the public website or contact stacey.wells@chemeketa.edu. 

The following are examples of concerning behavior faculty and staff should be aware of, prepare for, and report:

  • Harassment: Sending or posting insults, threats, inappropriate language, inappropriate sexual language or media, etc. to instructors and/or students. Some of this could also be Title IX (gender discrimination) harassment, which could include their home lives.

  • Mental Health: Students may be experiencing mental health issues  that could manifest as disruptive behaviors, inappropriate messages, suicidal ideation, threats to others, etc. If you have a concern regarding a student’s language or behavior, please submit  the Student Concern Referral/Reporting Form.  Our office will respond to the student’s needs accordingly.

Reporting Sexual Misconduct or Gender-Based Discrimination

The college takes all allegations of sexual misconduct or gender-based discrimination seriously. Our Title IX policy, which is meant to provide both resources and accountability for inappropriate behavior and actions, covers all Chemeketa employees and students. As a Chemeketa employee, you are required to report any concern of misconduct to the Title IX Coordinator. Reports will be kept private and the reporting party will have the opportunity to talk through options for how to proceed that will best support them. The only exception to privacy would be if there is a threat of harm to self or others that needs to be addressed to protect the well being of the community. Please visit our website for more information.

Counseling Services

Counseling Services recognizes how important it is for us to support faculty, staff and students  — now more than ever. If you have students who seem to be distressed and need some extra help this term, in addition to submitting the online Student Concern Referral/Reporting Form, you can connect them  directly to one of the Counselors. Counseling Services is open for in-person and remote appointments.

 How Can You Help? 

Refer students to counseling services, seek consultation or submit a Student Concern Referral/Reporting Form when a student exhibits one or more of the following:

  • Marked changes in academic performance or behavior
  • Physical signs
  • Social withdrawal
  • Strange behaviors & Impaired thinking
  • Exaggerated emotional responses
  • Threatening Statements and Behaviors
 How to refer students:
  • Counselors are available to provide immediate assessment and intervention for students faced with crisis (in danger to self or others) or concern that feels too overwhelming to wait for a regularly scheduled appointment. We offer drop in services Monday – Friday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm.  Students can come on their own or be escorted by you for a warm handoff to the Information window in building 2 and ask to speak with the On Call Counselor.
  • For after hours crisis services, students should be referred to the Psychiatric Crisis Center (Marion County) 503-585-4949 or Yamhill Crisis Services 1-844-842-8200.
  • For students who are not in crisis, Counselors work by appointment Monday – Thursday 8:00am – 7:00 pm and Friday 8:00am-5:00pm.  Students can make appointments in My Chemeketa > Services > Counseling.
  • Consultations are available to faculty and staff to discuss students of concern. To request a consultation please call 503-399-5120 or email counseling@chemeketa.edu.
  • Instructors may submit the online Student Concern Referral/Reporting Form as well. This report will be sent to the Office of the Vice President of Student Affairs to determine the appropriate staff to assist the student.  Access to this report is on the Faculty Page in My Chemeketa.

Public Safety

Weather Closure and Delays:

If Chemeketa needs to close because of weather, the decision will normally be made by 6 a.m.  Closure or delay notifications are announced in a variety of ways-

  • Text, voice and email alerts.  Staff and students can sign up for alerts here. Note, please remember to use your my.chemeketa.edu email address when signing up for alerts.
  • Posting information to the college’s Facebook page
  • Notification of local print, radio and television media via FlashAlert.
    • Made to media sources in the Portland, Salem/Keizer, Woodburn, Dallas, Stayton/Sublimity, McMinnville and Albany areas
    • Information is updated every 15 minutes, on the quarter hour
  • Notification at the top of any chemeketa.edu webpage
  • If Chemeketa does not alert in these ways, then the college is open regular hours

Delayed Openings:

When weather conditions are bad, Chemeketa may open later than normal.  The college will attempt to indicate the time when we will open.  If the opening time is later than 8 am, any class, lab or other activity scheduled to begin before that time is canceled.  Classes starting after that time are to be held as previously scheduled. 

Evening Classes: 

Evening classes (any class that begins after 5 pm) are never delayed but may be canceled, even if daytime classes are not.  A decision affecting evening classes and an announcement will normally take place by 4 p.m.

Safety Tips:

Everyone has a role in maintaining a safe learning environment at Chemeketa.  Some safety tips include-

  • Avoid walking alone during evening hours
  • Park in well-lit areas
  • Be aware of your surroundings
  • Scan the interior of your parked car before entering
  • Do not leave personal items unattended, either in parked vehicles or college buildings
  • If appropriate, contact the Public Safety Office for an escort to a parked vehicle
  • Notify Public Safety at 503-399-5023 of suspicious activities or people

Chemeketa Care Team (Formerly Behavioral Intervention Team)

Purpose and Scope

The Chemeketa Care Team is an internal group of student services staff and faculty focused on prevention and early intervention in situations involving students experiencing distress or engaging in harmful or disruptive behaviors. This team will continue to meet regularly, remotely.  The team will develop strategies and offer case coordination to manage disruptive behavior in order to protect the welfare and rights of both the individual(s) and the college community.  If you have concerns regarding a student’s behavior that is disruptive to the learning environment or may be in need of support, please submit the Student Concern Reporting Form (as referenced above) or contact the Student Affairs office at studentconcerns@chemeketa.edu

Threat Assessment Team (TAT)

Purpose and Scope

The Chemeketa Community College Threat Assessment Team is an internal, multidisciplinary team dedicated to the prevention of targeted acts of violence.  Through the cooperative sharing of information, resources and the knowledge gained through training with leading experts in the field of threat assessment/management, the team endeavors to identify, assess, advise and/or manage situations where there is a perceived risk of violence.  If you have concerns regarding a possible threat assessment issue, please contact the Student Affairs office at 503.399.5076 or studentconcerns@chemeketa.edu, or Public Safety at 503.399.5023.

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