The Ally Course Overview

The Ally Course overview tool helps you review the accessibility of your course as a whole.

To find the Course Overview

  1. Go to eLearn’s Course Management section
  2. Select Course Tools
  3. Select Accessibility Report

Screenshot showing the eLearn course page menus with arrows to the Course Management section, the Course Tools submenu and accessibility report option.

Navigating the Course Overview

From the overview pages, you can directly access the document issue information and preview page making it very easy to find and fix all of your documents from a single location rather than having to search for them across your course.

The Course Report includes:

  1. Course Accessibility Score
  2. Course Content Breakdown by Type
  3. Issues by Severity
  4. Content with easy to fix issues
  5. Low scoring content
  6. A Content tab that lists all document in the course along with their score

Screenshot showing items 1-6 in the list above.

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