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Jan 30th, 2020

Our college IT Department recently notified us of an urgent vulnerability with the server that houses several faculty web applications. After meeting with IT experts and looking at potential options to address this issue, we determined that due to the importance of the situation, will not be available effective immediately.

Faculty looking to complete the Interest to Teach Form is available below.


Due: March 1, 2020

As identified in Article 28 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement, faculty must submit their interest in teaching classes by March 1 each year.

Disclaimer: The purpose of this form is solely for carrying out Article 28 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement, indicating that you are interested in teaching and the date you submitted your interest. This form is used to inform the college of any class a faculty member may be interested in teaching as part of overload or part-time/adjunct faculty workload. This form is not intended to determine a faculty preference for class schedules. Faculty would need to discuss specifics of preferences with their Dean/Director and/or Program Chair.

Complete the Interest to Teach Classes Form

NOTE: you must be logged into your college Google account to complete this form.

Faculty Request Forms

Please send any faculty requests directly to Thomas Bishop at thomas.bishop@chemeketa or call 503.589.7615.


For general questions please contact the Center for Academic Innovation.

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