Dear Faculty, 

As in past terms, we’re providing COVID-19 resources for instructors to review, incorporate and share with students as would be helpful for the upcoming term. The resources below have not changed from past terms and will remain the same for future terms until indicated otherwise.  

Because Oregon OSHA still requires employers to notify employees who have had a potential work-related exposure to COVID-19, we continue to use the COVID-19 Questionnaire for reporting. The college applies the same reporting/notification standard to our students.  

Face masks are still provided in classrooms and through campuses and centers, and KN95 masks are available for anyone who requests them at Human Resources or at our information desks. While faculty cannot require masks be worn in their classrooms, as previously, faculty may still restrict any eating and drinking within their own classrooms. Chemeketa encourages vaccinations and booster shots, if one is physically able. 

We hope these resources will continue to be useful. This information is also posted on the Center for Academic Innovation Faculty Hub Syllabus Resource page. 

Syllabus Statement

To ensure that expectations are clear to students regarding COVID-19 reporting requirements, please include the statement below in your syllabus 

Students participating in in-person classes must adhere to Chemeketa’s protocols. Currently, masks are recommended, but not required to be worn indoors. The college requires that all students and staff conduct a daily wellness assessment before coming on campus. Stay home if ill.  Notify your instructor and immediately fill out the COVID-19 Questionnaire if you believe you are experiencing COVID-19-like symptoms, if you have tested positive for COVID-19, or if you are awaiting results from a COVID-19 test.

In-person Class Welcome/CV-19 Health and Safety Protocols Script

The Emergency and Risk Management Team has provided a script for faculty to read to students during the first in-person class session. The highlighted text may be updated to be applicable to your specific class. Feel free to make a copy of the file and edit for your own use.  

Resource Links Available to Students & Staff

 Resource Links Available to Staff Only

If you have questions about college protocols or expectations, please contact the Manager of Emergency and Risk Management (503-403-9624 or 503-399-8635) or your Dean/Director.

Thank you,
Academic and Student Affairs

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