This email is being sent to all faculty and their supervisors on behalf of Instruction and Student Services 

Dear Faculty, 

This is a follow up from the June 9, 2020 email regarding Remote Instruction Definitions & Expectations – Fall 2020 (see email below). In that email we indicated that the expectations for synchronous activities would be documented on a shared google file and available for viewing college-wide. Those expectations are documented HERE. Please remember that these expectations apply to all courses within the program/discipline district-wide.  

If you have any questions about these expectations please ​​reach out to the contact person listed​ ​and/or program dean. 

Thank you,
Instruction and Student Services:
Jim Eustrom, Vice President – Instruction and Student Services
Don Brase, Executive Dean – General Education and Transfer Studies
Holly Nelson, Executive Dean – Regional Education and Academic Development
Marshall Roache, Interim Executive Dean – Career and Technical Education
Manuel Guerra, Executive Dean – Student Development and Learning Resources

Academic UpdatesProgram Level Expectations for Remote Instruction Synchronous Activities – Fall 2020