This email is being sent to all faculty and their supervisors on behalf of Instruction and Student Services 

Dear Faculty,

In order for students to have a clearer understanding of what a remote classroom is, the college has added a new Banner designation for remote instruction (RM), effective summer term. Academic Workgroup, Academic Standards Advisory Council and Program Chairs have had additional discussions about the new designation and have updated the definition and expectations for fall term. See the updated information below. Information for other attendance methods is also included for comparison.  

  • RM – Remote Instruction: A course that would normally be offered face to face, but has been moved to virtual delivery.  Internet access is required. Proctored exams may still be required. A blended delivery of online activity mixed with remote classroom meetings. Synchronous instruction will be offered, or required. Any required synchronous/real-time instruction will be offered during the scheduled course meeting time. 
  • OL – Online: A course that requires Internet access where all instruction and interaction between instructor and student is done online. Proctored exams may still be required. There are no required face-to-face sessions within the course and no requirements for on-campus activity.
  • HY – Hybrid: Face to face course with some face to face time replaced with equivalent online activities. Internet access is required. Online activity is mixed with classroom meetings, replacing a significant percentage of, but not all required face-to-face instructional activities.
  • WR – Web Required: Face to face course which requires Internet access. Online course activity complements class sessions without reducing the number of required class meetings.
  • WO – Web Optional: Face to face course which does not require Internet access. Traditional campus-based course with no additional online course activity required.

Expectations for Synchronous Activity

Programmatic Level
Expectations for synchronous activities will be developed at the program level, in consultation with the program Dean. These expectations will apply to all courses within that program district-wide. All program expectations will be documented on a shared google file, that will be available for viewing college-wide. A follow up email will be sent to all faculty once that is developed. 

Course Level
In order to clarify expectations for students prior to registration (new student registration for fall term begins July 7), instructors will need to determine additional details and expectations about synchronous activities for each individual class. The required synchronous instruction/meeting times need to occur during the scheduled course meeting time, as listed in Banner. 

The Banner inputter will add synchronous activity details to the short notes field in Banner at the individual CRN level. The short notes field is limited to 60 characters; additional information can be provided in the long notes field if need be. Short notes field examples:

  • Synchronous activities: Tues 9:30-11:30am
  • Live lectures via Zoom Wed 5:30-7:30pm
  • One or more Zoom class per week
  • Class will meet 25% synchronously via Zoom

To further ensure expectations are clarified for students, class syllabi need to contain essential details on synchronous activities for the class. If sessions are video recorded, it needs to be indicated in the class syllabus.

If you have any questions please contact your dean.

Thank you,

Instruction and Student Services:
Jim Eustrom, Vice President – Instruction and Student Services
Don Brase, Executive Dean – General Education and Transfer Studies
Holly Nelson, Executive Dean – Regional Education and Academic Development
Marshall Roache, Interim Executive Dean – Career and Technical Education
Manuel Guerra, Executive Dean – Student Development and Learning Resources

COVID UpdatesRemote Instruction Definition & Expectations – Fall 2020