This email is being sent to all faculty and their supervisors on behalf of Instruction and Student Services 
Dear Faculty,
Things continue to change and evolve at the state level which impact us here at Chemeketa. We are working under direction of the Governor, as well as the Higher Education Coordinating Commission (HECC). We have weekly meetings with administrators from all the other Oregon community colleges; while we each have our unique environments, we are all pretty much in line as to how we are approaching the next term. The information below applies to Summer term 2020 only; decisions about fall term have not yet been determined.

Lecture Classes
As previously indicated, all lecture classes will be remote; there will be no exceptions for face to face (F2F) lectures.

Class Minimum
Class minimums will remain the same as last summer:
Salem Campus = 15
Outreach = 12
All Online Sections = 15

Class Caps
Class caps for all online and all remote classes will go back to previous caps. 

Large Class Size 
Large class size will go back to previous practice and by permission only, as defined in the contract.  

Prorating Guidelines
Prorating will go back to previous practice, and as defined in the contract.

Face-to-Face (F2F) Exceptions
There are F2F exceptions for labs and testing that are deemed essential to healthcare, areas that have high employment rates and/or are essential to our district and region. Connect with your Dean for what has been approved. The college has established a Task Team for How to Transition Back Safety that is creating guidelines for lab set up, cleaning and disinfecting , social distancing and personal protective equipment (PPE) for approved F2F campus activities. Approved exceptions will need to adhere to those guidelines.  

Class Maximums for F2F Exceptions
Face to face labs are allowed a maximum of 8 students and will need to adhere to the guidelines determined by the Task Team for How to Transition Back Safety.  

Friday Closures
In general, college Friday closures remain in effect. If you have any summer lab F2F exceptions that also need to be offered on Fridays please connect with your Dean to request a Friday exception as well.  

If you have any questions about this information please contact your Dean.  

Thank you,

Instruction and Student Services
Jim Eustrom, Vice President – Instruction and Student Services
Don Brase, Executive Dean – General Education and Transfer Studies
Holly Nelson, Executive Dean – Regional Education and Academic Development
Johnny Mack, Executive Dean – Career and Technical Education
Manuel Guerra, Executive Dean – Student Development and Learning Resources

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