This email is being sent to all faculty and their supervisors on behalf of Instruction and Student Services

During this incredible and unique time, things continue to change and evolve at the state level which impact us here at Chemeketa. We are trying to regularly communicate with you all to keep you in the loop. As announced in the All Staff email on April 15, the college will be operating remotely summer term. We wanted to provide you with a few more details. The information below applies to Summer 2020 only; decisions about fall term have not yet been made.  

Lecture Classes
All lecture classes will be remote Summer term. Class days, times and locations will remain on class sections as they are currently input, as some faculty are choosing to use the scheduled days and times to hold synchronous class time via Zoom, etc. 
Class attendance methods will only be identified as either OL (online) or WR (web-required)

  • OL will be used for originally scheduled online classes only
  • WR will be used for previously scheduled face-to-face classes with the WO (web-optional) or HY (hybrid) attendendance method. 

Face-to-Face Exceptions
There may be face-to-face options for approved labs and applied tech classes. We are waiting for information from HECC with guidance as to which labs will be allowed. Approved labs and classes must adhere to specific precautions and social distancing restrictions (as outlined below).

  • No more than 8 students in a lab or class
  • 6-foot social distancing at all times; the college will have to verify that labs and classes are set up appropriately for social distancing
  • Faculty and students must wear PPE
  • Classrooms and labs must be disinfected after each session; still needs to be determine how this will happen

Online Fee
The $50 online fee will be waived for all class sections that currently have that fee assigned for Summer; operationally this will be processed just like tuition waivers so the college can track the waived fees. The online fee will not be removed from classes; it is important that the fee remains on classes so we can properly track these waivers. Information about the online fee waiver will be communicated directly to students and will also be highlighted in class search.  

Class Sizes for Summer Term
Class minimums and caps and guidelines around prorating classes will be decided and communicated next week. 

Communicating with Students
With the increased use of communications via remote options we wanted to remind faculty about the importance of using your college issued email or Chemeketa systems to communicate with students. Faculty should not use any personal or other email addresses to communicate college-related business. This is important not only for best practices but it is also a federal regulation for FERPA compliance. See the Faculty Handbook 2019 Second Edition p. 14 Communication and p. 25 FERPA/Confidentiality for additional information. 

Thank you for everything you continue to do to make this time function as well as possible for our students. If you have questions or points for clarification please contact your dean. 

Thank you,

Instruction and Student Services
Jim Eustrom, Vice President – Instruction and Student Services
Don Brase, Executive Dean – General Education and Transfer Studies
Holly Nelson, Executive Dean – Regional Education and Academic Development
Johnny Mack, Executive Dean – Career and Technical Education
Manuel Guerra, Executive Dean – Student Development and Learning Resources

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