There was a significant increase in missing grades fall term. This is a proactive reminder that you have until 10:00am on Monday, March 21 to submit your grades for Winter 2022.  

Any grades not submitted by 10:00am on Monday, March 21 will result in an “M” (missing) grade being assigned. Faculty with “M” grades will be contacted by Enrollment Services and instructed to perform electronic grade changes in order to correct the “missing” grade(s). Instructions may be found on SharePoint: Electronic Grade Changes.    

If you know there may be extenuating circumstances that will delay inputting grades, please contact your dean and assistant; they will connect with enrollment services so they are aware.   

Students with missing grades on their record can experience considerable negative consequences as a result. Some of the possible effects include:

  • Loss of financial aid

  • Reduction of veterans’ benefits

  • Loss of legal status as international students

  • Erroneous transcripts 

We appreciate your help ensuring that this does not happen to our Chemeketa students. 

Thank you for helping us serve our students! 

Academic & Student Affairs

Grading Hints and Tips from the Enrollment Services Office

  • Instructions for entering grades are available on SharePoint. Navigate to the Resources tab, then Grading Information. Here is a direct link to the Winter 2022 Grading Instructions.

  • You may submit grades one at a time in My Chemeketa. If you are running up against the deadline, we encourage you to enter as many grades as you can rather than waiting until you are finished grading your whole class.

  • Faculty grade entry will be turned off at 10:00am on Monday, March 21. 

  • Once grading is turned off, Enrollment Services will assign an “M” (missing) grade for any grades that were not entered by the deadline. You will receive an email from Enrollment Services notifying you of any missing grades.

  • You will need to change the “M” grades to a letter grade once our grading processes are completed (by 5 p.m. on March 22.) 

  • Incomplete grades (I/B or I/C) may have a negative impact on a student’s financial aid status. If a student’s grade is a “C” or higher, it may be more beneficial to the student to assign the letter grade and work with them to do a grade change in lieu of an incomplete grade.

  • If you realize you should have dropped a student for non-attendance (No Show Drop) please contact your Dean/Director to request an Administrative No Show Drop.

Academic UpdatesWinter 2022 Grades Due – March 21, 10:00am