Exploring VR Classroom Technology

CRN: 77043
Term: Spring 2021 (register at My Chemeketa)
Zoom Meeting: https://chemeketa.zoom.us/j/93362200688

Join us in a virtual exploration of Hubs by Mozilla. Together we will explore this virtual environment where students can meet and collaborate in 3D using a computer, smartphone or VR Headset. Share your computer screen, interact with 3D models, draw on a whiteboard, and communicate with others using voice and chat. Hubs is extremely user friendly. Join us for a fun and interactive experience as we introduce you to Hubs by Mozilla.

Using 3D Technology to Engage Learners

CRN: 78072
Term: Spring 2021 (register at My Chemeketa)
Zoom Meeting: https://chemeketa.zoom.us/j/91958723139

Join us for a multi-dimensional workshop on integrating 3D models and objects into Canvas to engage with student learning. Discover online interactive content, media and technology that instructors can use to engage learners in their Canvas courses.

Google Jamboard Digital Whiteboarding

CRN: 78076
Term: Spring 2021 (register at My Chemeketa)
Zoom Meeting: https://chemeketa.zoom.us/j/98977388103

Google Jamboard is an interactive whiteboard that you can create to collaborate with students online from either a web browser or mobile device. You can type text, draw using your mouse, create sticky note activities and more. Engage with students in Zoom Breakout Rooms by providing a collaborative space to work in groups.

In this workshop we will explore the Jamboard tools and share examples of whiteboarding activities you can use with your students. Join us for this fun workshop and be prepared to Jam!