LMS Review

During spring term, a comprehensive process identified key features and functionality that needed to be included in the requirements for a competitive RFP.  In July, the RFP was launched and remained open for 4 weeks.


The following three firms submitted Proposals in response to the RFP:

  • Blackboard, Inc.
  • D2L, Ltd.
  • Instructure, Inc.

The college determined that Blackboard, Inc.’s Proposal was nonresponsive, therefore it was rejected. The Proposal was not forwarded to the evaluation committee for scoring.

The D2L Ltd. and Instructure, Inc. Proposals were forwarded to the evaluation committee. The Proposals were scored using the following criteria: teaching & learning requirements; technical requirements; account administration; and the implementation plan.

Upon completion of the scoring, it was determined that the D2L Ltd. Proposal did not offer a comprehensive solution that adequately addressed the criteria set forth in the Solicitation Document. 

Therefore, Instructure, Inc., offering Canvas, is the finalist to provide the college’s next LMS. 

What does this mean?

The initial timeline for implementation has been modified to reflect the results of the review.  The staff in the Tech Hub of the Center for Academic Innovation have been asked to develop a comprehensive migration plan during the beginning of of the Fall 2019 term.  Although the full details of the plan are still not developed, the rough timeline for migration is as follows:

General Timeline

  • Fall 2019 – Canvas demos and presentations; sandbox testing; development of a comprehensive migration plan;
  • Winter 2020 – Canvas development shells available; initial content migration; faculty can start developing content in the Canvas system; training available; workshops, online tutorials & drop-in sessions available
  • Spring 2020 – ongoing training and migration support available
  • Summer 2020 – Go Live with all credit classes in Canvas!   

The LMS migration is sponsored by the Technology Governance Committee and will be led by the Center for Academic Innovation.  Any questions regarding the LMS migration process can be directed to Kellie Schellenberg at kellie.schellenberg@chemeketa.edu or 503.399.5191.


For up to date information about the our college LMS migration to Canvas, please visit the Canvas Instructor Support page.

Winter 2020

In Progress

  • Develop Migration Plan 
  • Migrate Courses into Canvas
  • Instructor Access to Canvas begins
  • Canvas Training for Instructors begins

Fall 2019 Announcement

During fall term 2019 a team of faculty and staff have been testing the features & functionality of the Canvas system. At the conclusion of testing, the college conducted a survey with the faculty and stakeholders who participated in the testing process. General feedback was positive, although several faculty members shared concerns about the amount of time it will take to migrate to a new system.

Now that testing is completed and feedback has been received, the team is in the process of developing a comprehensive migration & implementation plan that will include recommendations for training, migration support and course development. These migration activities will take place over winter and spring term 2020 and full implementation of Canvas will begin in the new academic year, starting summer term of 2020.

We understand that migration to a new LMS will have a significant impact on the entire college. It will take additional time for faculty, IT staff, and Tech Hub members to ensure that the transition goes smoothly and results in a high-quality course experience for students. Instruction and Student Services is aware of potential concerns for compensation of additional work that may be above and beyond typical training and development expectations and this will be considered as the implementation plan is finalized.

The proposed plan will be shared in early December. In the meantime, any questions regarding the current status of the LMS migration process can be directed to Kellie Schellenberg at kellie.schellenberg@chemeketa.edu or 503.399.5191.

Fall 2019


  • Contract Negotiations
  • LMS Demos
  • LMS Sandboxes

Summer 2019


Spring 2019


  • Faculty listening sessions held on 4/16 and 4/22
  • Drafting RFP criteria
  • Finalize RFP criteria

Winter 2019 Announcement

Last year, the Instruction and Student Services (ISS) Team approved a recommendation to conduct a full Learning Management System (LMS) review during the 2019-20 academic year.  The recommendation was based on findings from Program Reviews, market research, student surveys, and national and statewide trends in the industry.  ISS fully supported the recommendation because in order to remain current and innovative, the college must have an LMS platform that meets the needs of our students and faculty.

What does this mean?

Between now and the end of the 2019 calendar year, the college is engaging in a full-scale LMS review.  We will launch a competitive procurement process, identify top candidates, test features and functionality, engage faculty and students in testing systems and finally provide a recommendation on an LMS platform.

Our goal is for the LMS review to be an inclusive process that includes feedback from faculty, students, administrators, and key stakeholders throughout the college.  

Why Now?

The connection/intersection between our current technology infrastructure and the requirements of Strategic Initiatives such as Guided Pathways and the Chemeketa Accelerated Pathways to Success (CAPS) federal grant, show the compelling need to conduct an LMS review as soon as possible. This is necessary in order for the college to remain competitive in an ever-increasing global landscape.

We’ve been on our current LMS, Blackboard Learn 9.1, since 2012 .  Learn 9.1 is a legacy platform and over the years, Blackboard has been putting their development energy into their newer platform, Ultra.  At some point in the near future, the Learn 9.1 platform will no longer meet our needs and we will have to move to a new system. Since a move to a different platform will be inevitable in the near future, we recommend using this opportunity to have a comprehensive review of options for the next generation LMS that will best serve Chemeketa’s students, faculty and staff.

The LMS Review is sponsored by the Technology Governance Committee and will be led by the Center for Academic Innovation.

Winter 2019


  • Gathering stakeholder feedback
  • Launched webpage on the Center for Academic Innovation website to keep the Chemeketa community informed of the LMS Review process.

General Timeline

  • Winter 2019
    Work with key stakeholders to identify non-negotiables; develop draft RFP criteria
  • Spring 2019
    Finalize RFP criteria; present recommendation to CCC Board of Education for competitive procurement process; finalize review rubric
  • Summer 2019
    Launch and review RFP responses; determine competitive range
  • Fall 2019
    Conduct demos; testing of features & functionality
  • Winter 2020
    Develop migration plan, migrate courses into Canvas, instructor access to Canvas begins, Canvas training for instructors begins

Additional timeline will be developed once the LMS Migration Plan is completed.

Canvas LMS Presentations

Representatives from Canvas were on campus on Tuesday, October 1st and Wednesday, October 2nd, offering three repeat presentations of the Canvas LMS.

The second presentation on Wednesday at noon was recorded with Zoom.  You can view that Zoom session by clicking the button below:


Any questions regarding the LMS review process can be directed to Kellie Schellenberg at kellie.schellenberg@chemeketa.edu or 503.399.5191.


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