Remote Learning

Chemeketa Community College strives to maintain academic continuity when normal academic activities are disrupted. Whether due to weather, illness, or another natural disruption, the Center for Academic Innovation has collected the following guides and tutorials that will assist you with preparing online instructional materials to prevent from getting behind in your academic schedule.

Every credit course has a Canvas shell that contains, minimally, the course syllabus and gradebook. In addition to these informational components, faculty are encouraged to build course shells further (assignments, communications, and content) and direct students who attend face-to-face classes to the course shell.

Communication with Students

Everyone has been impacted differently by news of COVID-19, and it’s important to remember that in these situations, kindness matters. Here’s some sample language that you could send out to students to let them know that their wellness is a priority.

“I’m here to support you however I can. Take care of yourself and your family first. Our class should not be your priority. Everything about this class is flexible. Whatever happens, we will work this out.”

Technical Support

Contact Chemeketa Online Technical Support for help with eLearn (Canvas).


View Drop-In Office Hours offered via Zoom for support with remote teaching.

Disclosure Statement for Recording during Synchronous Instruction

For courses which will include recordings of synchronous class meeting, syllabi need to include a disclosure statement alerting students to their right to not have their image, voice, questions or comments recorded. Below is a sample disclosure statement to include in any syllabus for a course that will include recordings of remote class meetings:

I will be recording our class sessions and making the recording available on our course site on eLearn. This will be both an audio and a visual recording.

This means:

  1. if you participate with your video on or use a profile picture, you are agreeing to have your video and/or image recorded.
  2. if you participate by speaking, you are agreeing to have your voice recorded.
  3. if you participate by making comments in the chat feature, you are agreeing to have your name and comments recorded.

If you do not want your profile or video image recorded, turn off your video and remove your profile image. If you do not want your voice recorded, mute your microphone. If you do not want your name and comment(s) recorded, do not use the chat feature.

If you are unable to communicate with me during the class meeting due to your wish not to be recorded, please contact me to make other arrangements.

Program Level Expectations for Remote Instruction

Synchronous Activities – Fall 2020

Remote Instruction Definition: A course that would normally be offered face to face, but has been moved to virtual delivery; it is a blended delivery of online activity mixed with remote classroom meetings. Synchronous instruction will be offered, or required. Any required synchronous/real-time instruction will be offered during the scheduled course meeting time. Internet access is required. Proctored exams may still be required.

Expectations for synchronous activities are developed at the program level, in consultation with the program dean. Expectations listed below will apply to all courses within that program/discipline district-wide.

View a detailed List of Program/Dicipline Specific Expectations.

Remote Exams Toolkit

The college has annonced all spring & summer classes will be offered in either an Online or Remote format. Testing Centers will not be open on campus for any exams. 

Instructors must determine how they will conduct their final exams and provide grades to students. View the available resources for instructors.

Remote Teaching Toolkit

The Center for Academic Innovation at Chemeketa have collected these resources to help prepare instructors for teaching remotely.

These resources are designed to accommodate a range of situations for teaching online & remote learners.

In all cases, we recommend offering flexibility as appropriate.

Tech Hub Office Hours via Zoom

Need help with remote teaching? Drop-in for support during online office hours.

Support is offered online using Zoom. View the information below to learn more about using Zoom.


Instructor Support

Contact the Tech Hub Faculty in the Center for Academic Innovation for help with remote teaching, instructional technology, media support and more.

Building 9, Room 106 – Salem Campus

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Remote Learning