Polling Devices

Closeup of hand holding an iClicker polling device.Clickers are audience response systems that allow students to instantly provide feedback and answer questions posed by their instructors inside the classroom.

Clickers allow instructors to poll or quiz students and display the results on-screen, making lectures and discussions much more interactive. Clickers are a great way to generate discussion, check comprehension during lectures, or review for exams. Students love using clickers, and they add active learning to even large classes.

Clickers are very easy to learn and set up, and will work with any questions or presentations you already have prepared.

How to reserve Clickers

Chemeketa has 300 student clickers available for faculty loan through the library on the Salem campus. Instructors may check-out clicker sets with a library card for up to 3 days, and longer by special arrangement. You may also reserve the clickers for regular use. Contact the library on the Salem Campus for reservations or special arrangements.

Support Options

Training on the basic polling features can be arranged on an individual basis, and takes about a half-hour. Contact the Center for Academic Innovation for more information or to schedule training.

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