Unicheck Plagiarism Detection

Unicheck is an optional plagiarism checker that verifies the originality of submitted texts or documents compared to the Internet and Unicheck’s Institutional library. It can be used directly within a Canvas assignment, or documents can be uploaded manually to a web-based account for review.

Key Features

  • Unicheck is integrated into the Assignment tool for easy use. 
  • The instructor receives a similarity report within minutes after a student submits an assignment.
  • The Unicheck similarity report is available through SpeedGrader or the Gradebook.
  • Students may also use the Unicheck tool when used with a draft assignment.

Using Unicheck in Canvas

Using Unicheck in Canvas

How to Check Documents Manually

Besides using the Canvas environment, you can upload documents directly to your web-based Unicheck account. To use this account you need to be granted access by your LMS administrator.

 To upload a document directly to the Unicheck account, follow the steps listed below:

  1. Email Thomas Bishop (thomas.bishop@chemeketa.edu) for account setup.
  2. Go to https://unicheck.com/login/education and log in using the details provided by your LMS administrator.
  3. Follow the steps to upload files and run reports.
Unicheck settings window. Toggle button to add submissions to institutional library, toggle button to exclude quotes and references, fields to type values to exclude scores that report less than a certain number of words, options specifying how soon to show originality report to students.

Adjust Unicheck options within assignment settings

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