Is your program or discipline interested in implementing a learning outcome assessment project that goes beyond the normal faculty duties, perhaps by working over the summer or paying adjunct faculty beyond the means of your department?

The VPAA’s office has made up to $15,000, or roughly 250 hours of faculty work time, available to fund outcomes assessment projects which require work above and beyond normal faculty duties. This funding is competitive, meaning applicants need to make the case for the value of their project to receive the funding. The Learning Outcomes Assessment Committee (LOAC) has been tasked with screening proposals and making award recommendations to the VPAA’s office for final decisions. 

Programs interested in applying for the funding should submit a one page (~300-350 word) proposal via email to [] with the Subject line “Learning Outcome Assessment Funding Proposal.”

Your proposal must explain your assessment project and justify the need for additional funds. Be specific and clear in explaining how and why your project requires significant work above and beyond normal faculty duties. Proposals which do not make a convincing argument in this regard will not be considered for funding. Your proposal must include a budget detailing the number of hours of work to be funded as well as any other expenses. The proposal should also indicate whether or not the program could accept partial funding for a scaled-down version of the project. 

A standard rubric will be used to score considered proposals. The rubric will rate the following criteria; please make sure your proposal addresses them directly

  • Impacts high drop / fail rate, high-enrollment introductory courses integrated into core pathways
  • Practical /  best practice (has high likelihood of delivering strong assessment data and other positive impacts)
  • Collaborative effort / multivalent impact (integrating assessment and professional development, impact on multiple instructors / areas, etc)
  • Clear feedback loop (results will be used to improve future teaching and learning) and plan to share results beyond the program (e.g., at Chemeketa’s inservice or faculty retreat, or at a conference)
  • Economical (the proposal is cost effective – high impact relative to expenditure)
  • Innovative (creates something new)
  • Proposals will be reviewed and rated by a subcommittee made up of an even mix of faculty and administrators drawn from LOAC. No more than one person from an administrative or academic program or unit will be on the subcommittee. It will not include anyone involved with submitting or implementing a project proposal. 


  • Winter 22: proposals are written and submitted by the end of the term (3/18)
  • Spring 22: proposals are scored by the subcommittee and then submitted to LOAC at the first meeting of the term (4/22); notification by the VPAA’s office is made no later than the end of week 5 (5/1). 
  • Summer 22: compensated work must be completed before fall inservice begins
  • Fall 22: projects awarded funding will report back to the LOAC and make any other public presentation of results called for in their proposals. 

Questions? Contact Jeremy Trabue ( or Erik Jensen ( 

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