Recording in PowerPoint 

Create recorded presentations and lectures using PowerPoint 2019 from MS Office 365. Export your recorded presentations to MP4 videos to your computer. Upload and embed videos using Kaltura Media in Canvas.

PowerPoint for Windows 2019

Learn about new recording features available in PowerPoint 2019 for Windows.

New Recording Tab

How to Enable the new Recording Tab in PowerPoint:

  • Select on File > OptionsCustomize Ribbon
  • Under Main Tabs, select the checkbox for Recording Tab
  • Select OK and save your changes

You will now see the new Recording Tab in the Ribbon at the top of your screen.

New Recording Features in PowerPoint for Windows 2019

PowerPoint for Mac 2019

Recording features for Powerpoint for Mac 2019 are different from the Windows PC version. You can still record your voice over your slides and then Export as a MP4 Video.

You also have options to trim your audio for each slide. Be sure to allow for a little silence before and after each slide when recording.

Record Video using Quicktime for Mac OS

Powerpoint for Mac 2019 does not support recording video. However, you can use QuickTime to record your webcam or computer screen and Insert Videos onto each slide in PowerPoint.

QuickTime Player is a free application and it comes bundled with the Mac operating system (macOS).

Screenshot showing the Record Slide Show feature in PowerPoint for Mac 2019

Record Slide Show in PowerPoint for Mac 2019

Screenshot showing the Trim Audio features in PowerPoint for Mac 2019

Trim Audio features in PowerPoint for Mac 2019

Screenshot showing the Export as MP4 Video in PowerPoint for Mac 2019

Export as Video in PowerPoint for Mac 2019

Upload & Embed Videos in Canvas

You can then upload and embed videos in Canvas using Embed Kaltura Media in the Rich Content Editor in Canvas.

Download Microsoft Office 365

Instructors & students can download and install Microsoft Office 365 for Windows and Mac OS computers.

How to Download Microsoft Office 365

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