Kaltura Media

Kaltura is the system used as our college streaming media server and provides instructors access to tools for creating and sharing media to support teaching and learning.

Using Kaltura Media in Canvas

Kaltura Media is available within Canvas for instructors and students.

  • Access My Media in Canvas to upload and manage media
  • Embed Kaltura Media using the Canvas Rich Content Editor
  • Request & Edit Closed Captioning using Kaltura REACH
  • Download Kaltura Personal Capture to record media
  • Ask students to submit a Kaltura Video Assignment in Canvas
  • Add a Course Media Gallery to collaborate with students
  • Create a Kaltura Video Quiz and capture grades in Canvas
  • Download Media from your My Media library in Canvas
  • Review Media Retention for storage requirements and policies

Chemeketa MediaSpace

Instructors can visit the Chemeketa MediaSpace website to access and share Kaltura Media outside of Canvas.

Access MediaSpace at: https://video.chemeketa.edu

Kaltura Media Retention

Kaltura has built-in media retention policies which will automatically remove content. Review the New Retention Policies for Media.

Kaltura Media Storage and Removal of Media

Due to the SIGNIFICANT increase in use of Kaltura this past year our college has moved to an...

Kaltura Access Denied Errors in Canvas

Recent updates to the Chrome web browser are causing Access Denied errors with Kaltura Media in Canvas.

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