Course Reviews

We offer a range of course review options to help you up your game in online, face-to-face and hybrid classrooms.  Contact a Tech Hub Faculty member for more information about Chemeketa’s own QOI and GIFT course reviews, as well as nationally recognized QM reviews.

Quality Online Instruction (QOI)

Online instruction at Chemeketa is guided by Quality Online Instruction (QOI) standards. These standards were developed by a committee of faculty and administrators to ensure high quality online instruction and establish the foundation for a positive online experience for students and faculty alike. The QOI initiative built upon our work with the Quality Matters course design standards.

Quality Matters (QM)

Quality Matters (QM) is a national, faculty-driven, peer review process designed to facilitate the continuous improvement of the design of online courses. QM was first piloted at Chemeketa in 2007, and we now have over 100 faculty members trained in applying QM standards. QM’s goals are to improve student learning, retention, and satisfaction in online courses through better course design and to reflect results of academic research on effective learning.

Group Instructional Feedback Technique (GIFT)

GIFT is a confidential process that allows instructors to gather feedback from the students in
their classrooms. The process of the GIFT:

  • is facilitated by trained colleagues who act as peer consultants
  • provides student feedback, not instructional critique
  • is kept confidential between the instructor and the peer consultant

Contact the Center for Academic Innovation to request a GIFT.

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