Quality Online Instruction (QOI) Course Reviews

The Quality Online Instruction (QOI) program ensures that Chemeketa’s online courses meet quality standards. QOI was developed by faculty and staff, and adopted by Chemeketa as a required element for online faculty. The QOI initiative built on our work with Quality Matters by incorporating standards around instructor facilitation and presence.

What is QOI?

QOI is both a rubric of standards and a peer review process for online courses. Reviewed courses that meet standards receive Chemeketa’s QOI certification. The standards include the following components:

  1. Course Organization and Design
  2. Instructor Presence and Facilitation
  3. Student Services and Access/Accessibility

QOI standards align with the WOOFS Best Practices in Online Facilitation Guidelines, developed and adopted by the Chemeketa Faculty Senate.

The QOI standards are based on research in online instruction and on current guidelines for online/blended instruction, including Quality Matters, Portland Community College’s “What Works”, Illinois Online Network’s Rubric, Chico State’s ROI, and Western Carolina’s OCAT peer-assessment tool.


Why does QOI matter?

The QOI standards provide a high benchmark for quality online instruction, and acknowledges national trends in online quality assurance. By aligning online instruction and course design with QOI standards, Chemeketa ensures we offer a high-quality learning experience for our online students. QOI standards also align with the Dept. of Ed’s guidelines around regular and substantive [instructor] interaction (RSI).

Faculty may choose QOI participation as an evaluation criteria, in addition to receiving QOI certification and recognition. All online faculty are required to take one course through the QOI review process.



Chemeketa recognizes the time and commitment involved in a QOI peer review, and celebrates QOI participants in our annual Spring Faculty Recognition event. Additionally, participating peer reviewers and faculty with courses meeting the QOI standards receive a $200 stipend, and the course receives QOI certification at Chemeketa (Review Team Chairs receive a $300 stipend). Want to get your picture on a baseball card? Become one of our QOI All-Stars and have one of one of your online courses reviewed.

How do QOI reviews work?

QOI reviews are peer-based, and designed to be a collegial process for instructional improvement.

A team of Chemeketa faculty with experience in online quality instruction and design will review the course, and provide constructive feedback on strengths and improvements. Tech Hub instructional design support is available throughout the process to assist faculty with modifications.

Matt Davies

More Information

For more information about the QOI standards and course review process please contact Tech Hub faculty, Beth Hale or Colin Stapp, in the Center for Academic Innovation, Salem Campus 9/106, or 503.399.7873.

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