Universal Design for Learning Certificate

Universal Design for Learning galaxy imageUniversal design for learning, or UDL, is a framework for applying principles of universal design to instruction.  It encourages using flexible methods and resources, emphasizes multi-modal strategies and uses research on how the brain learns to provide inclusive instruction. UDL helps faculty to meet the needs of many types of learners.

By popular demand, Chemeketa now offers UDL-focused workshops on applying the principles of universal design to instruction and student services. Complete the entire series to earn the UDL Certificate offered by Center for Academic Innovation.

The Workshop Series

#1 Understanding the UDL Framework
#2 Providing Multiple Means of Representation
#3 Providing Multiple Means of Action & Expression
#4 Providing Multiple Means of Engagement
#5 Applying UDL to the Digital Classroom & Capstone


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