Adding Titles to Office Documents

The document title attribute is how the document is identified. It is generally the first thing announced by a screenreader upon opening a document. It is also generally how the screenreader identifies a document when switching between different open applications on a computer.

The title should be succinct, unique, and descriptive of the document. In other words, if a user had multiple documents open, they should be easily able to identify each one from the title.

Note: You can set the title in Word or PowerPoint then use that document to create a PDF. This technique, will satisfy the title requirement in Ally.

  1. Select the File tab in Word or Office
  2. Select Info from the menu
  3. On the right side of the display is a column called “Properties
  4. Find Title in the list – directly right it will say “Add a title
  5. Click on the text and it will become a text box
  6. Enter a title for your document
  7. Save the document

You can then use the document to create a PDF.

Screenshot of home ribbon with an arrow (labeled 1- file tab) pointing to the File tab at the top of the page.

Screenshot showing file tab page with arrows showing 2 – Info, 3 – properties column, 4 -title, 5 – text box where you enter the title and, 6 – the save command.

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