This year the Center for Academic Innovation (CAI), completed several faculty surveys. We instituted blast surveys as a way to capture quick information about some of our current tools and resources, along with a comprehensive Faculty Needs Assessment (FNA) to assess what we can offer campus-wide in the coming years to improve the resources available to faculty.  

Center for Academic Innovation has a team that that focuses on professional development. The team consists of the Tech Hub faculty and an advisory board of teaching faculty and staff. Working with our team, we plan to share a summary of our findings, so stay tuned for the complete report in the fall.

In the Fall Blast Survey, we asked about the eLearn tools you’re currently using along with the ones you would like to learn more about and use in the future. Overwhelmingly we found there is a desire for more information surrounding the retention center. We plan to incorporate this into the LMS review process and the trainings that will take place when the LMS review is complete.

In the winter blast survey, we asked about accessibility.  Here’s what you had to say.

To help support your accessibility needs, we will be implementing the Ally accessibility tool in eLearn and offering summer workshops on the Ally tool and best practices in inclusive design.

The comprehensive survey completed in winter term gave us several insights into what we can do in the future. There was representation from nearly every division and we thank those that took the time to complete the survey. 82 faculty participated in the survey, almost evenly split between full and part time with participants from all modalities of teaching.

Here is what the Center for Academic Innovation is working on to address the needs identified in the surveys. We developed syllabus templates and samples that are accessible, and which will be available very soon at  We’re working on developing a series of workshops to address universal design in conjunction with the CAPS grant. The UDL workshops will be available in the 2019-20 academic year and we’ll be doing the research to put a series in place for the 2020-21 year around High Impact Teaching. Between the two series, we’re excited to say many of the areas you’ve shown interest in learning about will be addressed and available to you!

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