While the gift-giving season has now passed for many of us, there is still an opportunity for you to give and receive a GIFT! The Center for Academic Innovation is seeking faculty members who would like to facilitate a Group Instruction Feedback Technique, or GIFT, for their colleagues.

The GIFT is a confidential, qualitative, and formative assessment of students’ learning experiences during the first part of the term. The information gathered from a GIFT is for the instructor’s exclusive use, based on the goals they have set for their teaching practice. First, the instructor meets with a peer who will facilitate the process. During the initial meeting, the instructor and peer-facilitator discuss the approach and goals for the course and review the feedback to be gathered from the students. Prior to mid-term, the facilitator meets with the students for 30-40 minutes to gather their feedback from guided, small group discussions. The facilitator compiles the student feedback and meets with the instructor to debrief the information. From that data, the instructor makes any adjustments they deem necessary.

Benefits of the GIFT include:

  • Strengthening communication between instructors and their students
  • Clearing up misconceptions students may have about the course
  • Encouraging students to share responsibility for their own success in the course
  • Allowing course changes to be made early enough in the term to make a difference.
  • Fostering supportive, collegial relationships between the instructor and facilitator

GIFT facilitator training takes place on Friday, January 21 from 12-1 pm with flexible attendance options (remote or in-person). Register for CRN 64486.

GIFT facilitators are asked to have a GIFT conducted with their current classes as part of the training process during Winter term. If you have served as a GIFT facilitator in the past, we ask that you participate in the training again as a refresher.

Faculty interested in conducting a GIFT with their classes will have the opportunity to do so during Spring term, once we have a team of facilitators ready. If you would like to conduct a GIFT during winter term, let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Questions? Contact Layli Liss.

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