Process to Change of Faculty Class Assignment in eLearn

If a class is officially reassigned to a different faculty member, specific steps must be followed in order to assure that the reassignment is accurately updated in Banner and eLearn.  These steps are critical to ensure compliance with Article 30 (Ownership of Instructional Materials) of the Faculty Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Course shells are created in eLearn and assigned to instructors nine weeks prior to the start of each term.  After a class has already been assigned in eLearn, if a faculty assignment changes, please follow these steps:


Step 1 - Communication

Dean or Program Chair contacts the previous instructor and new instructor to let them know of the course change and tells the previous instructor to stop adding content to their eLearn course.

More about Step 1
  • New instructor should be informed by the Dean or Program Chair that access to the new course shell could take up to three business days.
  • The Dean or Program Chair should ask the previous instructor if the new instructor has permission to use the previous instructor’s content.
  • The new instructor should notify students via email or course announcement to let them know when new content will be available in the course.

Step 2 - Submit Request Form

Dean, Director or Academic Coordinator submits form to the Center for Academic Innovation requesting change in eLearn.

More about Step 2
  • Form collects Dean, Director or Academic Coordinator’s name, K#, email address, phone number, Course Name, CRN, previous instructor name, previous instructor email, new instructor name, new instructor email, schedule inputter name, schedule inputter email
  • Form goes to Center for Academic Innovation contacts

Step 3 - Remove Original Instructor (Banner)

Dean, Director or Academic Coordinator contacts Schedule inputter to remove the previous instructor from the course (if no HR/contract impact) OR moves previous instructor to “Session 99”.  See “More Info” below for training.

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Session 99 – Instructor Reassignment Instructions

If a class is rightfully assigned from a part-time instructor to a full-time instructor and the part-time instructor will receive payment, the following process applies and must be followed

  1. Go to the Meeting Times and Instructor tab in SSASECT and add an additional meeting line
  2. Tab through without entering any days or times, until you get to the Session Indicator box, here assign the indicator number of 99session99-screenshot1(click image to open a larger version)

  3. Go to the Meeting Location and Credits tab, enter NRN in the building field and a 0 (zero) in the Hours per Week field and SAVE
    (click image to open a larger version)

  4. Move down into the Instructor section, remove the current instructor and SAVE leaving the Session 01 line blank for now.
  5. Add an additional instructor line, assign 99 to the Session, enter a check in the Primary Indicator box, and use the Workload Calculator to assign the appropriate Percent of Responsibility and SAVE.
    1. Record the number of hours taught, to be used later in MyChemeketa to override the hours.
      session99-screenshot3(click image to open a larger version)


  6. Now go to the Faculty Assignment page (SIAASGN), select the appropriate CRN and change the Contract Type to A1 verify Percent Responsibility and SAVE.
    session99-screenshot4(click image to open a larger version)

  7. Next, go to the Part-time Faculty Contracts section of My Chemeketa and assign the number of hours previously generated by the Workload Calculator in Step 5 and click Save Overrides and Approvals.
    session99-screenshot5(click image to open a larger version)

  8. Once you’ve been notified that the previous instructor’s content has been removed from eLearn, you are ready to add the new instructor to the 01 Session of the course. 
    1. Uncheck the Primary indicator on the previous instructor 
    2. Check the Primary Indicator for the newly assigned instructor and SAVE.
      session99-screenshot6(click image to open a larger version)

Step 4 - Updates to eLearn

The eLearn System Administrator evaluates the request and takes action appropriately, copying the original course content into a back-up course for the original instructor.  The new course, complete with student enrollments, is created by an automated process that runs on a schedule. The System Admin alerts the Schedule Inputter via phone and email when this has been completed.

More about Step 4
  • System Admin is looking at the date the request was received, enrollments, content, student access to content, instructor access to content and how the instructor change was handled in Banner (removed or “Session 99”).
  • System Admin also changes the student access date of the course to the start of the term.
  • Integration scripts between Banner and eLearn will recreate the course with enrollments, reflecting the current instructor information from Banner.

Step 5 - Add New Instructor (Banner)

Schedule Inputter adds new instructor to course in Banner.  Schedule Inputter notifies System Admin via email and phone that this has been completed.


Step 6 - Confirmation of Successful Reassignment

System Admin checks to make sure that everything is set up correctly in eLearn in terms of instructor and student access.  

System Admin notifies Dean/PC, Inputter, original faculty, new faculty and the Center for Academic Innovation that the process is complete.

This updated process is necessary to ensure that the college is in compliance with updated verbiage in Article 30 of the Faculty Collective Bargaining Agreement. 

This process will only accept requests until 5pm on the Thursday prior to the start of the term. The Center for Academic Innovation strongly encourages changes of faculty class assignments to happen well before this cut-off time, to the benefit of both students and faculty.

Once the term starts and student have access to eLearn content, this process does not apply and both the new and former instructor must reach a mutual agreement about content rights.

Questions?  Please contact Kellie Schellenberg, Dean of the Center for Academic Innovation, at

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Process to Change of Faculty Class Assignment in eLearn