Last January the college’s server that housed the Interest In Teaching form experienced a vulnerability and will no longer house the Interest In Teach form. Until a longer term solution is found we will use Google Forms for Interest In Teaching submissions.  

New Form  

In order to organize the large number of courses available for selection using Google forms, three categories were created for the forms. 

  • For most of you, you will only need to use one form. For those that teach in more than one category you would need to use multiple forms. E.g. If you teach GenEd and an FYE course you will need to fill out the Ged Ed Interest In Teaching Form AND the DevEd, Counseling, FYE, Student Leadership Interest In Teaching Form. 
  • Faculty will also need to submit a separate form for each subject area.  E.g. If you teach biology and geology you will need to submit the Gen Ed Interest in Teaching form twice: one for BI classes and one for GEO classes. 
  • There are links below that provide a preview of each form.   


New links to submit your interest to teach for 2021-22 are below. A link to a pdf preview is also provided. If you are unsure about what subjects are on which forms check the previews. Once you complete the form and submit it, an email will be sent to your Chemeketa email address with your submission details. Make sure your email address is correct! The email will come from Google Forms, with the subject: [EXTERNAL] FORM: <<title of the form you submitted>>. Submissions will be available to edit until 11:59pm on March 1, 2021, via the edit response button provided on that email.  

Links to SUBMIT the forms:
FORM: Gen Ed Interest In Teaching Classes
FORM: CTE Interest In Teaching Classes
FORM: Academic Development, Counseling, FYE & Other Classes Form*
*This form contains CG, FYE, HSP GED Options and High School Completion, Reading & Study Skills, ABE/GED, ESOL, HEP, SPGED, SLD, and Developmental Writing courses. 

Links to PREVIEW what the form looks like:
PREVIEW of Ged Ed form
PREVIEW of AcadDev, CG, FYE & other form


The purpose of the Interest In Teaching Classes form is to inform the college of any class a faculty member may be interested in teaching as part of overload or part-time/adjunct faculty workload as outlined in Article 28 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement. This does not change the intent nor the process of assigning classes, but provides a method to collect and organize the information in a systematic fashion. This form is not intended to determine a faculty preference for class schedules. Faculty would need to discuss specifics of preferences with their Dean/Director and/or Program Chair. Communication between faculty and Dean/Director and/or Program Chair is an important aspect of the scheduling process.  

Jim Eustrom, Vice President—Academic Affairs/Campus President, Yamhill Valley







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