HubTalk Colin and Bill in front of aDeLorean

Bill and Colin pose in front of a DeLorean that made an appearance for the “Back to the Future” themed 2019 Tech Fair.

As Chemeketa celebrates 50 years of providing quality education, the college looks back on the outstanding work our faculty, staff, and students have done, but also looks forward to the future. Similarly, the Center for Academic Innovation uses the annual Tech Fair as a way to celebrate how faculty have been using technology in new and exciting ways in their classes, and as a way to explore and share cutting edge technologies.

Keeping with this idea of looking back and to the future, the theme of this year’s Tech Fair was Back to the Future. In this episode of Hub Talk, Bill and Colin talk about the exciting presentations being shared, share some of their past experiences using technology, and interview faculty participating in Tech Fair.

HubTalk Episode 06 – Tech Fair