What can Kami do for you?

Kami is a document annotation tool licensed by Chemeketa. It lets instructors and students mark up PDFs, Word documents, images, and other formats, and makes it easy to split or merge documents. Kami works within Canvas, so you can create a Kami assignment and grade it in SpeedGrader.  

Kami is an amazing tool to increase inclusivity in your Canvas classroom. It has many frequently-used accessibility features, like read-aloud, and it offers students a choice on how to respond. Students can comment via text, audio, video or screen-capture. Kami even has a text-to-speech feature that will type student comments for them.

Many educators have turned to Kami for remote learning solutions, like digital whiteboarding. Kami makes it easy to work with classroom handouts in the digital environment, and it lets you take classroom activities to a whole new world.

The video below showcases how to use Kami as a digital whiteboard with students.

Request a Kami teacher license here, or email Beth Hale for more information.

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