REMINDER: clean up old Zoom Meetings in course calendar after course copy process in Canvas.


Unwanted calendar events for Zoom Meetings are copied from another course during the course copy process. This is a known issue with the Canvas Course Copy process and the Zoom integration with course calendars.


When an instructor schedules their Zoom Meetings within Canvas, a calendar event for each scheduled meeting is automatically added to the course calendar with a link to join the meeting. During the course copy process if “All Content” is selected from the Import Content > Copy a Canvas Course settings.


If the “All Content” was selected during the course copy process, you can delete any unwanted events (one at a time) from your course calendar. Review each course calendar closely and delete unwanted entries individually.

To avoid copying these unwanted calendar events into your current courses, choose “Select specific content” during the Copy a Canvas Course process. Then, click the Select Content button and exclude these calendar events from the copy process.


Screenshots of Issue:

Screenshot showing issue with Zoom Meeting calendar events that copy from other course during course copy process in Canvas.

Screenshot showing issue with unwanted Zoom Meeting calendar events from course copy process in Canvas.


Please contact Chemeketa Online Technical Support with Questions.

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