Chemeketa continues to offer access to Digital Course Materials at no cost for students during winter term.

The VitalSource Bookshelf provides students access to eTextbooks on or before the first day of class in Canvas.

NOTE: This resource is only available for courses using an eTextbook adopted through the Inclusive Access program managed by the college Bookstore.

Courses that are using publisher content, such as MindTap, MyMathLab, Connect etc, will continue working with publishers for access to digital course materials.

Add an eTextbook to your Canvas Course

Add a link to the VitalSource Course Materials tool in Canvas to access your eTextbook.

Add to Course Menu:

  • Log into Canvas and browse to your course
  • Select Settings from your course menu
  • Select Navigation
  • Enable the Vital Source Course Materials link
  • Save your changes

Add to Course Module:

Instructors can also add an External Tool link in their course Modules area. Click on the following handout for steps for Adding Vital Source in a Module.

View your eTextbook in Canvas

Once added, access your course eTextbook from the Vital Source Course Materials link in your course navigation. This will launch the eTextbook preview in a new browser window.

  • Click on the Read Now button for your eTextbook to launch the VitalSource Bookshelf viewer.
  • Enter your email address to create your VitalSource Bookshelf account (required for instructor access).

NOTE: if you do not see your eTextbook, please contact your program area or Bookstore for assistance.

Screenshot showing the Vital Source Course Materials tool link under course Settings in Canvas

Screenshots showing the Vital Source Course Materials link in Canvas and eTextbook reader

Bookshelf App & Website

Once you have accessed your book using the link in Canvas for the first time, you can then access your book using any of the following options:

NOTE: Before you can use Bookshelf on your computer, smartphone, or tablet, you will need to create your account on the VitalSource Bookshelf website at:

Go to – to download the bookshelf application for your computer or mobile device.

Offline Access to eTextbooks

After installing Bookshelf, open Bookshelf and sign in with your email and password, after you download your eTextbooks, you will not need to be online to read your eTextbooks.

VitalSource Instructor Dashboard

Access the Instructor Dashboard for analytics designed to help instructors gain insights and understanding of their student’s learning. The Instructor Dashboard provides high-level statistics for each course you instruct.

There are two ways to access Instructor Dashboard:

  • From your Canvas course, click the Vital Source Course Materials link to access your eText, then click the Instructor Portal tab
  • Visit

Visit the VitalSource Instructor Dashboard User Guide for more information.

Screenshot showing the VitalSource welcome to the Analytics for eTextbooks

Screenshot showing the Vital Source Instructor Dashboard

Instructor Support

For questions and help with eTextbooks please contact the Bookstore.

For assistance with Canvas please contact Chemeketa Online Technical Support or a Tech Hub Faculty member.

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