Dear Faculty,

As we move closer to the official implementation of the Canvas LMS, we are receiving questions from students and faculty about the date when the college systems will replace Blackboard with Canvas.

Since summer term classes are on Blackboard and the end of the 10-week sections is on August 29th, we are working with IT to transition from Blackboard to Canvas starting on September 1st. The process to update our systems will occur over a few days.

What will change on or shortly after September 1st

  • The URL “” will redirect to Canvas
  • Links, logos, and icons will be updated in MyChemeketa and the Single Sign-On Portal
  • The Blackboard login page will be updated to direct users to Canvas
  • Instructors will continue to have access to Blackboard until December 31, 2020.
  • Updates to our student and faculty support websites

Once all of these changes have been made, we will share the updated information with students and faculty.


The LMS migration is sponsored by the Technology Governance Committee and led by the Center for Academic Innovation. Any questions regarding the LMS migration can be directed to the Center for Academic Innovation at

For more information about Canvas, please visit the Canvas Instructor Support page.


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