Digital materials have become an essential part of the higher education experience. Online, hybrid and even face-to-face courses have a digital component. In an era when technology has the ability to promote access and independence, it is critical that digital materials are created in such a way that they can be used by all students, including students with disabilities without having to wait or rely on others for help.

For the 25.7% of the US population (1 in 4 people) that has some type of disability – including 11% of undergraduates, small changes can make a huge difference in the accessibility of your documents. What’s more, many of the techniques that make documents accessible, also make them easier to use and understand for all students.

We are excited to introduce Ally a new tool to help you to do just that:

A recent update to eLearn, Ally can help you check and improve the accessibility of your course documents. The tool integrates into your course shell to assess the accessibility of your materials and provides feedback and instructions to help make them more accessible for all.

To learn more, visit the Getting Started with Ally orientation page.

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