Chemeketa has a long history of promoting equity and inclusion. In 2002, the college introduced the Difference, Power, and Responsibility (DPR) initiative to help engage our students in developing “a critical consciousness of issues of difference and power in the United States in order to participate responsibly within a democratic society.” 

Since then, Chemeketa has produced a robust catalog of DPR focused courses. The DPR Instructor Seminar was created to prepare instructors to develop and deliver these courses which are arguably essential to a 21st century education. Further, the Seminar aimed to address the importance of centering “how issues of difference and power are embedded in our curricula, and how teaching strategies can engage or marginalize our students” in faculty work.

The DPR Instructor Seminar is transitioning into a new format to better reflect the context of a mature program. After consultation with representatives of both Academic Standards and the Diversity Advisory Councils, a team of developers has re-envisioned the DPR Instructor Seminar. While the foundations of the original seminar remain intact, the new approach hopes to meet the goal of engaging experienced DPR instructors in reflective and collegial gatherings focused on advancing their practice.

Content of the Seminar is now distributed over three modules: The first module is foundational and offered to all new full-time faculty during new faculty orientation and to part-time faculty who are newly assigned to teach a DPR designated course. The second and third modules are designed for experienced DPR instructors as well as those newly assigned to teach a DPR designated course.

Given this is the first iteration of the new seminar, the development team is hopeful that experienced instructors will join us in its recreation and growth, as participants as well as future facilitators. Join us at 3 pm on Wednesday, December 8 for module II. Contact Layli Liss for more information.

Photo by Kalea Morgan on Unsplash.

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