Your “Assignments” page controls how your gradebook looks. Use the tips below to check or adjust your grading system, and to clean up your gradebook and “Assignments” page.

Double-check your grading system

Do you use a weighted grading system? Do you have an exclamation mark in the total column? Do you or your students see a 0% for their total grade? These might be resolved by verifying the type of grading system your Canvas course is using.


  1. On your “Assignments” page, click the options button at the top right and click “Assignment Groups Weight.”
  2. If you use a weighted grading system, check the box next to “Weight final grade based on assignment groups,” and move to step 2.
  3. If you do not use a weighted grading system, be sure that box is not checked and you are done.
  4. For weighted grading systems, you will then assign percentages to your various assignment groups. These percentages will be displayed on your “Assignments” page and in your gradebook.
click assignments, then the 3 dots icon, then assignment groups weight
toggle the weighted total check box and adjust percentages

Clean up your assignments page

Does your “Assignments” page have extra assignments, quizzes, or discussions you are not using? Are there items from a course template that you need to delete? Do you have unused assignment groups cluttering your page that migrated over from Blackboard? Clearing these out of your “Assignments” page will improve your organization and clean up your gradebook. Please note that deleting assignments, quizzes, discussions, and assignment groups from the “Assignments” page will permanently delete them from the course.

1. Delete unused/empty assignments, quizzes, or discussions

click the 3 dots icon to the right of the assignment, then click delete

2. Delete unused assignment groups

click the 3 dots icon to the right of the assignment group, then click delete

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