Dear Faculty and Staff,

Included are important updates regarding changes to start and end of term access to courses in Canvas.

Changes to Start of Term Access

Student Access to Canvas courses will change to Thursday, before the scheduled start date of the course.

Beginning Summer Term, students can access courses in Canvas on the Thursday before the start date of their courses. Previously, student access was scheduled for the start date of the course.

Student access to summer courses in Canvas will be Thursday, June 17th

Instructors should prepare their courses for student access prior to the start of term. Unpublish content or use availability dates to restrict access as needed.

If you prefer to change your course dates to the Monday on the start of term, please follow these steps:

  1. Access your course in Canvas
  2. Select Settings from your course menu
  3. Scroll down and look for the Participation
  4. Select the pull-down menu and change it from “Term” to “Courses
  5. Click the calendar icon next to the start date to adjust the date
  6. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select Save

Visit the Canvas for Instructors course to learn more managing course settings.

End of Term Access to Courses in Canvas

Courses in Canvas will automatically conclude (read-only access) Sunday, after final grades are due in My Chemeketa.

This change will allow our college to keep a record of every course in Canvas once the term ends.

NOTE: this change will only impact courses that are scheduled through Banner (our college Student Information System). Development shells and other manually created courses will not be impacted.

Benefits to Students

Students will be able to access courses after this time, but will not be able to make changes or participate in the course.

Impact to Instructors

Instructors will be able to access courses after this time, but will not be able to make changes to course content, settings & dates, or grades.

Instructors can choose to copy course content into future term course shells or development shells. Please visit our Faculty Request Forms to submit requests for development shells as needed. View a tutorial on how to Copy a Canvas Course.

Access Your Past Courses

Past courses can be found under Courses > All Courses in the Canvas Global Navigation menu

Instructors that need to provide student access to courses for incomplete grade contracts can visit our Request Forms on our faculty resource website to request support.

Visit the Canvas for Instructors course to learn more about these features.


Any questions can be directed to the Center for Academic Innovation at

For more information about Canvas, please visit the Canvas Instructor Support page.

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