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Use the forms below to make requests regarding your eLearn class shells and other instructional needs.

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Online Course Feedback Form

Gathering student feedback in your Online course(s) is an excellent way to get input about instructional practices and technology integration in your classes.

  • Provide a link to a web form for students to submit feedback for Online classes
  • Create the link using our online tool, then add it to your eLearn course
  • You will be able to look at their anonymous submissions after grades are due

Click here to view a sample student feedback form


  1. Start by browsing to the Create Feedback Form page
  2. Choose your course number and name from the drop-down menu, then click submit
  3. Copy the URL of the feedback form for your Online class
  4. Log into eLearn and go to your Online course
  5. Add the feedback form URL as a web link

Feedback from a Previous Term

Click the link below to access anonymous submissions to feedback forms from previous terms. Survey results are usually available the day after grades are due.

Click here to view a Feedback Submission Reports – Instructor Login


Test It

  • Once you’ve created a Web Link you can test it
  • Clicking on the link should display the feedback form within eLearn
  • Look to see if your course and your name are selected. If they aren’t, contact technical support for assistance.


  • The Feedback Form is not to be used for Face To Face classes
  • The link will be preserved when you roll your course to a new term, so it only needs to be done once. Make sure you set the link to be “Hidden” until you want your students to use it. Be sure to alert them that it’s available via an Announcement, Discussion or Mail posting.

If things don’t seem to work, contact Technical support at 503-399-7399 or

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