Contact the Center for Academic Innovation for questions and support with academic technology and professional development.

Center for Academic Innovation

Tech Hub Office Hours via Zoom

Need help with remote teaching? Drop-in for support during online office hours.

Support is offered online using Zoom. View the information below to learn more about using Zoom.


Tech Hub Faculty Team

Contact the Tech Hub Faculty in the Center for Academic Innovation for help with remote teaching, instructional technology, media support and more.

Technical Support

Contact Chemeketa Online Technical Support with Canvas, Zoom, or Kaltura, contact COL Support.

Canvas technical support is available 24/7 and can be reached after regular hours at: 503.399.7399.

I need help with:


For all your eLearn/Canvas questions, we have dedicated technical support staff ready to help you.  Give us a call at 503.399.7399 or stop by Building 9 Room 106 on the Salem Campus.  More info is available at


Adhering to accessibility guidelines and best practices while developing your course content will benefit all students including those with visual, hearing, mobility and learning disabilities.  Our Digital Accessibility Advocate Heather Mariger can help guide you through the ever-changing world of accessibility.

Instructional Design/Pedagogy
Our experienced faculty in the Tech Hub can help you with the methods and practice of teaching, learning activity creation, course reviews and much more.  Stop by the Tech Hub lab on the Salem Campus in Building 9 Room 127, or make an appointment with one of our Tech Hub Faculty.
Media Production Support
Our Media Production Specialist Sage Freeman can help you with consultations on individual projects, recommendations on the use of media and tools, assistance with content acquisition, multimedia authoring, animation, graphics, video and audio production, integration with learning management systems and more.
A Question About My Class
Stop by the Tech Hub lab on the Salem Campus in Building 9 Room 127, or make an appointment with one of our Tech Hub Faculty.  We’re happy to help you figure out a solution to whatever issue you’re dealing with.