The faculty retreat this year was a big shift from previous years. As we mentioned at the recent event, changes were based on a survey that was sent out at the end of last academic year. The retreat planning committee developed this year’s agenda based on the results of that survey and worked hard to make changes that would have a positive impact on your valuable time during in-service week.

Faculty Feedback

We are committed to planning future retreats and faculty professional development events based on data.  At the conclusion of this year’s retreat, we conducted a survey of all attendees regarding their experience and are sharing a summary of the evaluation feedback in an effort to continuously improve the event each year.

Things that went well

  • Number of participants 142

  • Overall experience was positive 81.3% (Rating of 4 or 5, out of 5)

  • Half-day format 85% (Enjoyed the format)

  • Length of sessions 84.7% (just the right length)

  • Lightning Rounds 83.1% (Rating of 4 or 5, out of 5)

Areas for Improvement

  • Venue 59.4% Satisfaction (5-point scale)

  • Based on the qualitative feedback the experience was negatively impacted mostly by parking and construction noise.

  • We’ll be looking for venue options in the future while considering location, atmosphere and general function.

Next Year

Overall, we received positive feedback about this year’s faculty retreat and we hope to continue to grow next year. Some changes you can expect next year, including providing a full agenda, with session descriptions, several weeks in advance. We will also post handouts and presentations on the website after the retreat so you can revisit the topics or review the sessions that you couldn’t attend.

Retreat Planning Committee

If you would like to help plan next year’s faculty retreat, we encourage you to join the planning committee.  Please feel free to drop by the Center for Academic Innovation and chat with Kristine Medyanik about volunteering or any other professional development ideas you’d like to discuss.  You can also call 503-589-7710 or email

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