By: Theresa Yancey and Heather Mariger

A book carved out to read What is Academic Video Online 

Academic Video Online is a collection of thousands of instructional videos, documentaries, performances, and news stories.  It is available to Chemeketa students and employees at or from the library’s database page.  The collection can be searched by keyword or filtered by subject for browsing.  Short clips can be made from full length video and content integrates with Canvas.  

What is Audio Description? 

Most people are familiar with video captioning – adding text subtitles to make a video understandable and usable for those who are deaf or hard of hearing (DHH). But, did you know that you can also make a video accessible for someone who can’t see it? Audio Description, as the name suggests, describes the visual aspects of a video so that it is accessible to users who are blind. By adding audio descriptions, a video can be accessed and understood by students with visual disabilities without having to guess what is happening or rely on others for assistance.  

Here are some examples of Audio Described videos available on Academic Video Online:

Why is it Important?

The use of captioning and audio description allows many students with disabilities to participate in the same way as their peers and sends a message that they are equal members of your class. However, captioning and audio description can be equally helpful for all students. Captioning can help students to understand and retain information better and also allows them to watch videos when sound is an issue such as when they are in a noisy environment or their kids are taking a nap. 

Likewise, audio descriptions can help students understand the action on the screen – especially if the scene is complex and there is a lot of activity, description can help the student identify and concentrate on the important points. It also allows them to engage with videos when they are not able to focus exclusively on the screen – for example when keeping an eye on their kids at the park or while on a walk. The ability to access course videos in new ways can be a lifesaver for busy students as it gives them the option to learn while attending to other responsibilities – or just to be able to listen when their senses are overwhelmed.

How does it work?

If you would like audio description for an Academic Video Online title, contact Chemeketa Community College librarians at  Librarians will contact Academic Video Online to request the service.  Audio description will be added within 2 weeks at no charge.  Some limits may apply.  

Photo by Findaway Voices on Unsplash

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