As indicated in Jessica’s email, Chemeketa is actively working to minimize the need for students to be on campus. The following email provides more details regarding final exam week and the first weeks of spring term.

Finals Week (March 16-21):

As indicated in the all-campus email, there will be no face-to-face instruction or exams next week. Here are a few more details:

  • Each faculty member must determine how to close winter term and provide a grade to students. Once you have determined a course of action — for example, providing an online exam, having students submit final work online, truncating the work based on sufficient work already collected, or an alternative that works for your class – please notify your students so they know, and do so quickly
  • Testing Centers will not be open on campus for any exams.
  • Each course has an online presence and should be used for connecting students with content when appropriate. Please see below regarding Faculty Hub Resources
  • Giving incomplete grades for an entire class is not an option.
  • Saturday classes are still meeting on Saturday, March 14. Saturday classes will not be meeting face-to-face on Saturday, March 21. You may require students to connect online on March 21.
  • Grades are still due on Monday, March 23, at 10:00 a.m.

Spring Term

Classes will start on April 6, so the “first week” for students begins on that date. Saturday classes will start on April 11.

The college is extending the time during which we are minimizing students’ presence on campus. There will be no face-to-face classes or labs until Monday, April 20. Please note that this is subject to change depending on evolving circumstances. Indeed, it may be likely that we will be faced with the necessity of this “remote” approach to teaching and learning well beyond this date.  Please prepare accordingly.

Faculty should plan to do the following:

  • Put content online and direct students to your eLearn/Blackboard shell. The shell is already available for you to work on.
  • Where appropriate for hands-on types of labs and instruction, consider front-loading lecture-based material, readings, and academic content. This will allow for applied learning to occur later in the term, when hopefully face-to-face learning will resume.
  • The Tech Hub Faculty are available for assistance (Remote Teaching Support).
  • We recommend that programs use next week to connect and discuss strategies for teaching. We realize that lab-intensive classes or classes that utilize resources available only on campus are at a disadvantage. When you meet, deans will be ready to assist if needed. Let them know what resources you will require.


Here is a resource page the Tech Hub Faculty have created for assistance at: https://facultyhub.chemeketa.edu/remote-learning/

We understand the difficulties that these challenges present.  We appreciate your work and your commitment to our students.

Jim Eustrom

Vice President, Instruction and Student Services
Chemeketa Community College

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