Kaltura Media Gallery

Instructors can add a Kaltura Media Gallery to their courses with options for students to record, upload, and share media. Access analytics for a Media Gallery to view insights on student viewing and engagement. Organize media content in a gallery using playlists.

Media Gallery Key Features

  • Moderate content – media will not appear in Media Gallery until approved by the instructor
  • Enable comments in Media Gallery – enables ability to post and reply to comments for media entries
  • Keep comments private to Media Gallery – all comments added to media in Media Gallery will be private to the Media Gallery and will not appear elsewhere
  • Display embedded media in this Media Gallery – will include any Kaltura media embedded in the course from the Rich Content Editor by the instructor

Add a Media Gallery to your Canvas Course

You can access Canvas at: elearn.chemeketa.edu

  • Click on your Account in the Global Navigation menu
  • Click on Settings in your course menu
  • Select the Navigation tab
  • Scroll down and select Media Gallery in the list
  • Select Enable or drag the time to the top list to add a link to your Course Menu
  • Click the Save button at the bottom of the page

You have now added a link to the Media Gallery in your course menu for you and your students to access.

Media Gallery Analytics

  • Access a Dashboard to view trends and insights
  • View trends by Media, Engagement, or Contribution
  • View data by week, month, year, or custom range

Media Gallery Playlists

You can create and manage playlists to organize your Media Gallery. Playlists do not copy from course to course in Canvas and must be recreated.

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