Kaltura Video Quiz

Kaltura’s video quiz feature is integrated into Canvas. Instructors can embed video quizzes in their courses or create graded video quiz assignments to capture scores in the Gradebook.

Key Features

  • Support four question types (true/false, multiple choice, open answer, reflection prompt)
  • Allow students to download the questions before taking the quiz
  • Include hints to quiz question answers
  • Provide feedback for correct/incorrect answers
  • Allow students to skip questions
  • Create a Video Quiz from a YouTube video
  • View the Media Analytics in Kaltura to see responses and moderate quiz retakes

Create a Video Quiz

To create a video quiz, first select a video from your Kaltura My Media or click Add New to upload or record a video.

  • Select your Account in the Global Navigation menu in Canvas
  • Select Kaltura My Media
  • Select the Add New button and select Video Quiz
  • Select the video from your My Media that you want to use for your quiz
  • This will launch the Kaltura Quiz Editor
  • Use the Quiz Editor to add questions to specific points in your video
  • Select Save to save your changes

Embed a Video Quiz

Embed a video quizzes in your courses using the Canvas Rich Content Editor. Embedded video quizzes are not graded but can be used as a formative assessment tool. 

  • Access the Rich Content Editor in Canvas
  • Select the Kaltura (color wheel) icon from the toolbar
  • Select “Kaltura Embed Media” from the list
  • Select Add from Library to view your Kaltura My Media
  • Click the Select button next to the video quiz you would like to embed
  • Select the Embed button for the media entry

Your Kaltura Video Quiz will be added to the page.

Create a Video Quiz as a Canvas Assignment

Create a graded video quiz as an assignment in Canvas to capture scores in the Gradebook. Only multiple choice and true/false questions can be graded in the Canvas Gradebook.

  • Browse to your canvas course
  • Select Assignments from your course Navigation Links menu
  • Select the + Assignment button to create a new assignment
  • Enter a title, instructions, and configure the assignment settings
  • Enter a point value or you will see 0 points in the Gradebook. The total point value will be divided by the number of gradable questions (multiple choice, true or false).
  • Under Submission Type, select External Tool and then select the Find button
  • A pop-up window will appear
  • Scroll down the list and select Kaltura Video Quiz
  • Your Kaltura My Media library will display
  • Browse or search for your Video Quiz and select the Embed button next to the quiz
  • Select Add Item
  • Configure the rest of your assignment settings and select Save or Save and Publish

NOTE: Kaltura Video Quizzes do not display in SpeedGrader.

Quiz Analytics & Attempts

You can view the student responses to Open Questions by clicking on the Analytics icon next to the video quiz in your Kaltura My Media. Instructors can delete prior attempts to allow students to retake a video quiz.

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