Kaltura Video Assignments

Submit a Kaltura Video Assignment in Canvas to create a copy of the student media for grading and retention. Kaltura supports media longer than 15 min in length.

Create a Kaltura Video Assignment in Canvas

You can access Canvas at: https://elearn.chemeketa.edu

  • Browse to your canvas course
  • Select Assignments from your course Navigation Links menu
  • Select the + Assignment button to create a new assignment
  • Enter a title, instructions, and configure the assignment settings
  • Under Submission Type, select Text Entry to allow students access to the Rich Content Editor
  • Configure the rest of your assignment settings and select Save or Save and Publish

A copy of the media will be captured for grading for each student submission. Instructors can view media in the Canvas SpeedGrader. Students can view media in their Assignment Submission Details and in their Grading Feedback. 

Instructions for Students

Below are instructions that you can include in your assignment for students.

How to Submit a Kaltura Video Assignment

In this assignment you will submit a Kaltura Video Assignment. Below are the steps required.

  • Select the Submit Assignment button
  • In the Rich Content Editor select the Plugin icon from the toolbar
  • A pop-up window will appear
  • Scroll down the list and select Kaltura Video Assignment
  • Select one of the following options:
    • Record Media in your web browser
    • Add from Library to select media from your Kaltura My Media
    • Upload Media from your computer or device
  • Select the Embed button next to the media entry you want to submit
  • The media will be added to the Assignment Submission page
  • Select the Submit button when you are ready to submit your assignment

After you submit your assignment, you’ll be able to view your media in the assignment submission details.

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