Kaltura REACH Captions & Enrich

Instructors can request automatic captions for their Kaltura My Media from within Canvas. Access the Caption Editor to make corrections and improvements to your automatic captions.

Student Accomodation Requests

Our college Student Accessibility Services will work with instructors to provide professional captioning and transcription to support student accomodation requests. Automatic captions WILL NOT satisfy an accommodation request in most cases. 

Learn more about creating accessible graphics for tips and best practices.

How to Request Kaltura REACH Captions

  • Select your Account in the Canvas Global Navigation menu
  • Select Kaltura My Media from the list
  • Select the checkbox next to each entry you want to request automatic captions
  • Select the Actions menu and select Caption & Enrich from the list
  • Machine captions (ie., automatic captions) will be the only option available
  • Select English or Spanish as the *Source Media Language.
  • Select the Submit button to request captions

*The Source Media Language should match the primary language spoken in the media.

NOTE: Please allow for some time before captions become available. Captions will display automatically for your media once they become available.

Kaltura REACH Caption Editor

To edit automatic captions using the Caption Editor:

  • Select your Account in the Canvas Global Navigation menu
  • Select Kaltura My Media from the list
  • Browse to the media entry that includes automatic captions
  • Select the Pencil icon to edit the entry
  • Select the Captions tab below the media player on the page
  • Select the Edit Captions button to open the Captions Editor
  • To edit the captions, click into a text box and make changes
  • Select Revert to go back to your last saved changes
  • Select Save to save your changes

The captions will automatically scroll the text when playing the media. Use the video player to fast forward or rewind the media.

Select the Back link to view the media with your updated captions.

Additional Features

  • Edit time stamps to change start and end times for each caption
  • Hover over the caption line and select the + icon to insert a new caption line or select the Trash icon to remove the caption line
  • Use the Search box to search and highlight keywords
  • Use the Search and Replace feature to quickly update captions
  • If you have multiple speakers in your media you can select the checkboxes next to each row where there is a speaker change to Add Speakers
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